Exciting Learning!

How we are different than other schools:


   ° Child centered environment
   ° Learning to learn
   ° Responsibility
   ° Care for self and environment
   ° Learning through doing
   ° 1-8 teacher / student ratio
   ° Hands-on experience
   ° Work at the child’s own rate
   ° Intellectual, academic basis
   ° Love of learning
   ° Positive self-esteem
   ° Creative expression
   ° Freedom through inner discipline
   ° Positive approach
   ° Aesthetic environment
   ° Respect for others
   ° Interpersonal relationships
   ° Problem Solving
   ° Balanced blend of academic, social, and emotional skills

At Dobson Montessori Preschool, your child can…

~Watch the miracle of a butterfly hatching or feed a hermit crab
~Feel the joy that comes by combining the sounds of h-u-g and discovering the word hug.
~Paint a picture of a yellow cow or make a necklace of clay beads
~Learn to tie a shoe or button a sweater
~Build a bird feeder and identify the wren who eagerly eats the bits of food
~Discover that 7 tiny bears can be represented by the number 7 and write it too.
~Share an orange with a special friend.
~Build a tower to the ceiling or a tunnel in the sand.





A unique, creative, caring and stimulating environment
for your child.


A child’s mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.





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