November 20-24



On Tuesday, our study of “Deserts” will take us on an awesome field trip to The Desert Botanical Garden.  We will enjoy a guided tour titled “Sensational Search: Using Your Senses to Explore”.  After our tour, we will continue to enjoy the desert with a picnic lunch in Papago Park.  Students need to bring a sack lunch with beverage, their car seat or booster, and wear good walking shoes for this activity.  Your child may wish to wear a hat. (We can accommodate one chaperone if you would like to drive.)  Also this week, students will create a watercolor silhouette painting of the desert.  On Wednesday of this week, students will enjoy games in the park as we celebrate Thanksgiving.  Some of these are based on games children played at the first Thanksgiving such as Jump the River. 



Joseph Had a Little Overcoat is a Caldecott book focusing on the importance of family and tradition.  Students will make their own mini book with 3-D fabric collage pages this week.  Another Caldecott winner, Mirette on the High Wire will inspire our own creative writing as we become daredevils and walk the wire.  Don’t worry, we are using photos of ourselves to imagine balancing above the crowd!  On Wednesday, we enjoy the fall weather with Thanksgiving games in the park. 



          US Government comes to life with a field trip to the AZ State Capitol on Monday of this week.  We will tour the building, see the history, and get to visit the legislature.  After our tour, we will visit the memorials in the Wesley Bolin Memorial Plaza and have a picnic lunch.  Students need to bring a sack lunch with beverage and wear good walking shoes for this enrichment experience.  On Tuesday, we will enjoy our annual kickball tournament with the upper division and high school students.  We have reserved the new baseball diamonds in Kleinman Park, and will form mixed teams as we compete for bragging rights to the championship. On Wednesday, we will enjoy Thanksgiving games in the park in the spirit of the first Thanksgiving prior to our feast.



           Our “Word Up” students will complete exercises in gratitude writing in the spirit of Thanksgiving.  Stop by the office to add to our post-it wall of thankfulness sponsored by our class. On Tuesday, we will participate in the annual kickball tournament in the park.  We have reserved the baseball diamonds and will join the high school and intermediate students in mixed teams to compete for this year’s title.  Also this week, we will prepare a delicious Thanksgiving feast for our peers on Wednesday.  



           Everyone will take their final exam for the concurrent enrollment college class on Monday of this week.  They are earning 3 credit hours of Social and Behavioral Science.  On Tuesday, we will compete in the annual kickball tournament with our intermediate and upper division friends in mixed teams.  And on Wednesday, we will assist the upper division with preparation of the Thanksgiving Feast.



          We are so thankful for our wonderful school and community of friends.  What a privilege to see our students arrive each day eager to learn and excited to be here.  Often, we take for granted the things we enjoy every day:  the chickens snacking on carrots, sprouts of lettuce emerging in our organic garden, the joy of a student mastering long division, sharing the ending of an emotional novel in a reading group, giggles of friends at lunch.  We are thankful for Dobson Montessori School and this education for a lifetime.  And we are thankful for our students and parents who value quality education.  We are also thankful for our outstanding teachers who give so much of themselves each and every day to nurture a love of learning.  Our intermediate class is sponsoring a ”Post-it Wall of Thanksgiving” this week in the office.  Stop by and write a few words about what you are thankful for to share with our community.  School will be closed on Thursday and Friday.  Have a wonderful holiday.



          Our cookie dough sale ends on Monday.  Please drop off your orders in the office by Nov. 20.  Thank you for supporting our upper division study trip.  Order some extra to save time over the holidays.  Cookie dough makes a fun do it yourself project for younger students and baked cookies are a great gift they can give to relatives.



           Congratulations to our Upper Division and High School students on their Prototyping Festival Car Tune Playground sponsored by the Mesa Arts Center and the City of Mesa.  This project focused on community service and imagining ways to bring communities together.  Most of our students worked 15 hours over the weekend bringing this project to life, and it was awesome to see them unite people of so many different ages, cultures, and backgrounds together in the universal language of drumming. Their joy and enthusiasm is contagious!     



           Recent research has shown that investment in childhood education brought an 83% return on the investment in terms of future student success.  Better than that savings account at the bank!  And 100% of our seniors receive scholarship as they move to college!



          It’s time to make your tax credit donation to SEEFl!  Just go to It costs you NOTHING!  You will receive a dollar for dollar credit on your state income tax and single people can donate $1,089 while married couples can contribute $2,177.  Take credit!  Support quality education! And tell your relatives to make their donation in the name of your student!