September 18-22



    Students are focusing on “Family, Friends, and Me”. We will decorate letters and learn their sounds to hang in our classroom tree.  Using alliteration, students will complete a writing project using the first letter of their name and something they like that also starts with that letter.  Our class is a wonderful community of friends.  We’ll celebrate our friendship by making an original work of art showcasing our individual handprints united in friendship on an artist’s canvas.  And to celebrate our friends, we’re making Portrait Pancakes decorated with bananas to enjoy for snack.  Don’t forget, we need a plain white t-shirt by Friday for a special project.  


We’re going to the Rainforest exhibit at the Butterfly Museum on Thursday of this week.  We have enough chaperones but additional parents are welcome to join us; you will need to pay your own $14 admission fee but the school will pay the admission for all the children.  We are looking forward to seeing real Morpho Butterflies which we studied in class and many other animals from the Rainforests! Also this week, we will learn about the endangered Titi Monkeys of Costa Rica.  These small monkeys are often hit by cars as they try to cross the highway.  The Kids Saving the Rainforest Organization builds bridges over the roads to help the monkeys cross safely and educates the public about reforestation.  Check out their website at  This week, we will hold a cookie sale with the profits going to this non-profit organization to help save the Titi monkeys.  All students will participate by baking cookies, frosting and decorating them and then have a school sale on Thursday of this week.  Cookies will be on sale before and after school and at lunch until gone.  You might like to take some to work!  Help our students help save the monkeys.  Also this week, we will make our own Morpho Butterflies to glide from the ceiling and plant a rainforest in a bottle.  


    Each student is investigating an animal and using their facts to create an original book.  Please help your student be successful by encouraging them to work on their book a bit each night.  Final books will be due on Thursday, September 28.  This week, we will make a model of our animal in the folk-art style.  Using a rolled paper armature, we will create sculptures to display in the office next week.  This is a multi-step process which requires patience and attention to detail.  


    Our Archaeology students will check their lab experiments to see if our hypothesis was correct about what is the best climate for preserving artifacts.  Students will bring their research papers to class on Monday for a project check.  The paper should be done; students will now add the bibliography, cover, and illustration and finish their project in preparation for the presentation day on Tuesday, September 26.  In addition, we will glaze our pottery and try our hands at basket making using natural reeds and fibers.  Students will learn about stratigraphy and its relevance to scientific investigation of archaeology sites.  We will also add writing and photos to our scrapbooks about our fantastic Family Camping Trip!


We will finish our reading of “Hamlet” this week and put final touches on our scene work in preparation for the upcoming Shakespeare Competition in Utah.  Gear lists and itineraries are being sent home this week.  We will costume our cast this week and work on stage combat for the ensemble scene we will present on stage at the competition.  In addition, we move forward with our individual math groups and work in Chemistry.  Reading and discussion groups in Health and Wellness discuss emotional wellness this week.  


    Bring 50 cents on Wednesday and you can purchase a delicious Monkey Cookie before school, during lunch, or after school!  And you will be helping to save the cute, endangered Mono Titi monkeys of the Costa Rican Rainforest!  Parents are welcome to buy some cookies to take to work!


    Great friends, fun games, delicious food, super shared experiences, and more were all part of our Family Camping Trip!  Thanks to everyone who attended, this was an amazing celebration of our school community.  Look for pictures from the trip in the office this week!


    Bring in your order form by Monday, Sept. 18 or order online by simply going to and enter our school ID#2676427.  The student who orders the most magazine subscriptions will win a $25 gift certificate good to use at the school store or for hot lunches!!!  The profits from this sale support our upper division spring study trip so renew existing subscription or order new ones.  You’ll get the best prices available while helping our students!  


    Elective classes are included in your tuition and are held on Wednesday afternoons during regular school hours.  There will be three different sessions throughout the year with the first one starting Wednesday, Sept. 27.  A form with all the great choices will be sent home with your student on Tuesday.  Please return it to school with your first and second choice by Friday of this week.