OCTOBER 9 – 13 – 2017

What Is Montessori?

             Montessori recognized that meaningful learning requires a willingness to follow each successive step in the process of acquiring new information.  It is essential to repeat each one of those steps as many times as necessary to know and to understand the specific learning involved on the deepest level.  To complete such a cycle of activity requires a “depth of engagement” on the child’s part.  It is just this engagement of the whole personality that is necessary to all meaningful learning throughout life.

            Montessori From The Start – Paula Polk Lillard & Lynn Lillard Jessen


Spring Break

            Remember, school will be closed next week October 16th – October 20th for Spring Break.  Have a safe and fun break; see you on October  23rd!


Preschool News!

            Fall is the time of year that apples are harvested, leaves change colors and the weather is close to perfect!  We will start our week by reading Apples, Apples Everywhere by Robin Koontz then create some very delicious treats to eat in class and share at home.   In our cooking center, we will dehydrate apples to use in a yummy trail mix to enjoy with you at home.  Our fall in the valley is not quite the same as many other places and we don’t see the colors change as vividly as in the northern part of our state.  Be on the lookout for your own extravaganza of colors in a “snow globe” you can enjoy all year.