December 11-15, 2017

What Is Montessori?

            It is obvious that the work of the child is very unlike the work of the adult.  Children use the environment to improve themselves, adults use themselves to improve the environment.  Children work for the sake of process; adults work to achieve the result. 

Preschool News

            This week we will talk about the people who help keep our community clean and those who deliver our mail.  Recycling is important in keeping our community tidy.  At our Dobson Montessori recycling plant, we will sort paper, plastic, and metal.  We will also talk about how we can reuse and repurpose things to cut down on the amount of trash we dispose of.  An important part of our community is our sanitation workers who dispose of waste.  Using our own trash, we will create a replica of a trash truck at our art center.  Big trucks are very interesting; we will read I Stink by Kate and Jim McMullan, a book explaining how a garbage truck works. 

            After reading It Came In The Mail by Ben Clanton we will talk about the post office and how the mail is delivered.  Each student will be creating their own mail boxes to receive mail for the rest of the month and mail letters and other interesting things to their classmates. Look for your personalized post card created by your student and delivered through the mail to your home mail box. Coming soon!! 


Our last day of school before Winter Break will be Thursday, December 21st.  School will resume on Monday, January 8th.